Middletown Vet's Pool Summer Swim Team

Swimmer of the Week

6/25/2012 - 6/30/2012

Jack Higgs
Jack has really preformed in practice this week. He has been one of the hardest working swimmers in the pool, putting his full effort into each set. The coaches were particularly impressed that Jack was able to swim a 50 yard Freestyle from a push start within a second of his best time at the end of a very tough set. With this type of effort in practice Jack has set him self up for a very promising season. We cannot wait to see what Jack does in the first meet.
Abaigeal Reynolds
Abaigeal wants to be a better swimmer and is willing to take the steps necessary to become one. She attentively listens to the coaches and does her best on every lap to implement what she has learned. This has led to significant improvement in her stroke mechanics which has translated into the ability to swim longer and faster. Abaigeal is always willing to try new things and accepts every challenge she is given without hesitation. This attitude has had a positive impact on her teammates who are more readily convinced to try something if Abaigeal agrees to it. Abaigeal is making great progress towards becoming a better swimmer and is already a great teammate to share a lane with. It will be fun to watch Abaigeal progress over the course of the season.
Kelly Shekosky
Attitude makes a huge difference in swimming and this week Kelly has proven that it is all in a state of mind. She has been open and willing to try everything even if it is difficult or a little scary and as a result Kelly has made steady progress. Despite being timid about diving in Kelly has worked through her fears to become proficient at diving. She as also proven that she is willing to push her self in practice and swim fast during repeat sets even though she is tired. Look for some great performances from Kelly as she showcases the power of a positive attitude.

Every week we recognize a few swimmers who have demonstrated admirable qualities beneficial to the team and their own personal goals.  We base our decision on work ethic, attitude, camaraderie, determination, leadership, and improvement.

7/10 through 7/16

Elizabeth Joy

As a swimmer, Elizabeth is a teammate I want.  At practice she has a positive attitude, encourages her teammates, and helps explain the sets to others while setting an example of how to practice hard.  At the meet this week she swam well, but more impressively she rallied the team’s spirit and made the pool deck sound like a home meet crowd was there.  We appreciate Elizabeth’s enthusiasm for the team and the camaraderie she brings.


Michele Barbour

Each of Michele’s races this week stood out; even from all of the other awesome swims.  Michele improved on her best times from last year and won each race convincingly.  Moreover, Michele demonstrated good sportsmanship.  Her confidence and excitement spread through the team and drastically improved our performance.


Eric Olerud

Eric has greatly improved this season in terms of his technique, endurance, and speed.  He has always been attentive at practice and worked hard to improve.   This week his concentration and effort paid off.  Like the other swimmers of the week Eric’s performance was not limited to strictly to swimming.  Eric volunteered to swim new events at the Berlin meet and as a result directly influenced outcome of the meet in our favor.  We would love for his confidence and willingness to help the team to spread.


7/3 through 7/9

Caitlin McNeff, Kelly Stokowski, and Liam Shugrue

Pre-season through 7/2

Matthew Joy, Timothy Joy, and Megan Shepard

All three swimmers have exemplified the qualities we look for in the swimmer of the week.  They are great teammates whose enthusiasm practice spreads to the rest of the team.  In pre-season they made a special effort to welcome the new swimmers to the team and help them acclimate.  Each swimmer has worked diligently in practice thus far and the coaches have observed improvements in their technique.  Matthew and Timothy have gone above and beyond with their training practicing twice a day.  We cannot wait to see their training pay off in the meets.


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